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Sum Eye
shading practice  BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale       I can't do eyelashes fo nutin'Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2] 
Tagged by da lovely :iconracconistpit:
1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
3. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
4. Go to their page and inform them they have been tagged by you.
5. NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that".
6. You have legitimately tag ten people.

7. No tag backs!
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry. ((Not apart of the actual rules but...) or don't it's up to you in my opinion!)

1. I haz BBBFF :3
2. I LOVES to dance  *wiggles*
3. Singing is not my forte, but I'ds do it anyways *shatters karaoke machine*
4. I amz maladaptive daydreamer    Person: "So what do u prefer, ketchup or mustard?"    Me:"..."   Person: "Hello?" *turns to look at what I'm seeing*    Me: *is staring at light post* "uh....yes."
5. I likes da puns, GIVE MEH ALL DA PUNS!!!!
6. I REalLYS AdoRe PLUSHIES  *hides under fortress of cutesy animals* mine!
7. I listen to ALL types of music of any language really, yes even country
8. I think quite lowly of myself....
9. I am a procrastinator due to perfectionism (help me)
10. I literally eat an apple everyday, but please don't keep da doctor away. I needs u :iconnaumineko:

Ze Questions:
1. What is your otp? =w=
    Miharu and Yoite, dey are mai babies *^*
2. Who is your favorite youtuber? if you don't have one then favorite show?
    Imma be a rebels an answer both :3    Jacksepticeye (YES) and El Chavo (mai roots)
3. Which is your favorite oc of yours?
    Her name iz Terry and I'll probably post her soon ;3
4. Do you blush? (I don't/can't blush so I wanted to know XD)
    I do nots have da blushies, but I turn red when I'm really nervous an can't breath
5. What's your favorite vid'ya game? ;o;
    but but, fine I'll narrow dem down.........*elevator music*.................. Alright I choose Sonic Adventure 2 cuz dem cute chaos', but if they weren't there den it would have been Undertale
6. //plays titanic in the background
    All was peacefulls until da Fire Nation attacked. *ship explodes an is on drift board*  JackaRoonie hold mai hand!
7. What is 9+10?
    What iz anything in dis world? *looks off into space*
8. Who iz your best friend? (//plays hopes and dreams in the background)
    I tink dey knows cuz I tells dem everytimes I talk to dem ;w;   lots of love <3
9.  Who is your inspiration?
    Those who make something out of nothings an stay strong *cries*
10. yea, I know these questions aren't creative, but do you have an embarrassing moment?
    They are buried deep down da lodges in mai brain, so I can't remember any right now ;^;  Imma just put something else which iz da fact that I am scared of mannequins,    just no

Mai Questions:
1. What do u like to do in your freetime?
2. *throws ball* THINK FAST! :3
3. What is your definition of an adrenaline junkie?  (someone called meh dat an I haz no idea what it means)
4. The next step dat u take will lead u to......?
5. DC or Marvel? and whys? *jumps into bomb shelter*
6. U wanna mac dat cheese or u wanna cheese dat mac?
7. Halloween an u need a costume, but all u have iz whatever u haves in your room. What do u do , GO!
8. What iz da difference between an alpaca and a llama?
9. Did Eggman come before da chicken an egg?
10. Write da first thing dat comes to mind:  I harbored the blowfish in my basement because.......?
Creation comes from da mind, u haz mind so u use your own thoughts an-  I have no idea where I'm going wit dis.........yes :3

Da peoples dat I tag, but shall give leeway to if dey wanna do this or know somebody dat would like to do dis:

I didn't put 10 cuz I don't know manys people, but if u do know somebody dat wanna do dis den just do it *john cena appears*

Dis took meh WAAYYY longer dan expected, but worth it!  Twas fun, but I had to rewrite it like 7 times cuz I was stupid ;^;       Anyways Have Funs! ;3


FlamelKai's Profile Picture
Ness, lke da chocomalate
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a flufflebutt ready to make new friends and give my all! Quite naïve and slow, but I'll get there :p Determination in dedication for this association! :3

Mai flufflebutt bestie :iconnamuineko: <3 love u lots doc :3 *secures fluffle to heart* We'll burn da streets to the ground in creative chaos

I loves all da peoples dat are mai fwands very mucho and dey are specials to me *smiles at the list below*

SHhhhhh... It's a secret,but :icontamwoo: is a cinnamon roll, da ruler of da gibbernuggets and is mai partner in ruling *squiggles away* Mai assassin in da mafia, very gewd sniper on those expressions, lines and lines make more interconnected lines

Dis community iz da bomb an I hope to learn more about every individual wire ;3


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